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A safe place for infantilism.
slashmebaby was created as a safe place for you to post or read any manner of slash fiction involving infantilism and/or diapers. This, of course, means fiction involving consenting adults being babied/taken care of/whatever, or indulging in certain fetishes that happen to involve infantilized things.

If you post a story, you have the choice as to whether you leave it friends-locked (where only community members can read it) or open to everyone to read. Flaming or harassment will not be allowed, and will promptly be deleted and the user more than likely banned. I will do my best to monitor these things, but if you have an issue feel free to contact me.

When posting your stories, please be sure to include a rating, the fandom (or if it's original fiction), and a warning for possible squick factors (such as messing, incest, whatever) at the head of your entry. Post your fic behind a cut (<*lj-cut text="Read more...">).

We are now affiliated with the Harry Potter Ageplay and Infantilism Fanworks community hp_ageplay.